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Christian has a background in Comic Book art, and has worked as a Concept Artist and Art Director within the Video Games Industry for over 20 years. He has run Leading Light Design since 2006.


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Christian bravery makes preproduction design look easy , his versatility and range is mind blowing combined with his unique style, and flavor that you can see in all his wonderful art,The characters and worlds that he imagines have a certain life and sparkle to them that differentiates his work from others and makes it shine through.
— Kareem Ettouney Art director Media Molecule
“I’ve worked with Christian on many projects in different capacities; Art director, Visualiser, Content Creator. In every case his creativity, talent and intellect has been invaluable to the project. He can develop a concept from scratch or follow existing direction with spectacular results and tailored to your requirements. Importantly, his work is informed by a breadth of inspirations which make concept and visual development with Christian a delight rather than a chore for the client. *****”
— Paul McLaughlin - Head of Art - Bullfrog/Lionhead/22Cans
“Christian was crucial to imagining the world and characters I was looking for. We were on the same page from day one, gave me options in a timely manner, and took me to places I couldn’t even dream of.”
— Simon J Smith - Director - DreamWorks SKG
Christian Bravery

Amazing talent, artist, designer.

The first time I worked with Christian was on a game with EA/Criterion in UK. After a short meeting, he came back with sketches that captured the abstractions that eluded our staff artists. Since then, Christian has become the go-to artist/designer in capturing crucial direction in projects I’ve undertaken.
Christian has the ability to ask the right questions to unmask complicated projects to its essence, and the artistic skill to deliver images that make art directors look brilliant.

This extra horsepower allows our production teams to take more creative risk knowing we’re only a phone call away from Christian.
— Nilo Rodis Sr. Creative Director, EA
“For Guildford’s dev scene, to have a local Concept Artist produce such world-class work makes all of us look good.”
— Barry Meade - Commercial Director - Fireproof Studios