Concept Art and Production design for the Entertainment industry


  • 30th April 2012 – another office move....

    FYI - Leading Light recently took residence at a new, (not so) secret, purpose built underground HQ, set deep in the bowels of the Hollywood of games - that's Guildford, in the leafy green English heart of the glorious county of Surrey...... to you ;)

  • 30th April 2012 – Suh...Weeeeeeet!!

    Exciting work is underway on an as yet unannounced AAA epic with one of the industries leading figures. Of course we cant talk about it, but this is a biggie and we are super excited and honored to be involved in what we predict to be one on the most important releases of the next few years. eek!

  • 29th March 2011 – An office move & New face at the studio

    The Leading Light studio is very busy and it's only March. We've got some exciting new projects taking off at the moment; Christian, Adam, Matt and Ras are all working their socks off and producing outstanding work for our clients. In other news LLCD are making the journey to a new office right in the heart of Guildford town centre. We are extremely excited and will be updating our Facebook page with photos of how the move goes on Friday. We must also welcome Mariam Sultan, our new Project Manager at Leading Light. Who's off to a brilliant start with her organisation, dedication and hard work in the new role. We are very excited that our team continues to grow.

  • 29th November 2010 – Leading Light November

    Leading Light has welcomed a new face to the studio, Alexandra Hunter-Dunn. She will be dealing with all of our Communications including Sales and Project Management. She’s come to us with a strong knowledge of Sales but also a passionate attitude towards Art & design. In other news, we've recently completed concept and promotional artworks for “The Devil in the Fog”, a Film project for Amarine Films here in the UK Directed by Nathan Wiley. NBA Jam has also been released, and you can check out the Project Portfolio either here on our website or on the new Leading Light Facebook page: http://www.facebook....113101388734175 We’ll check in soon. Hope you’re all looking forward to Christmas!

  • 4th October 2010 – Leading Light welcomes new talent into the fold

    Leading Light is pleased to announce that Adam Baines has joined the studio in his new role as in-house concept and production design artist. Adam has joined Leading Light after a fruitful stint as concept artist at acclaimed games British developer RARE. "Adam is a prodigious talent, with a flare for design and a broad artistic range in both creative style and design sensitivity. I'm sure he will prove himself as a brilliant addition to our impressive creative team." Christian Bravery MD

  • 21st September 2010 – Leading Light launches :::NEW::: Client Forum

    Today Leading Light unveils its new secure client forum. Keeping track of asset deliverables, feedback and direction can sometimes be a headache, with a combination of email, FTP delivery, telephone, and skype communications. Leading Lights new client forum centralises the entire on-going process. Clients can now login to their own secure forum within the LLCD site to keep track of the entire pre-production and in-production development work flow. The means that the design brief, development work, feedback and final delivery of assets can now exist all in one place, updated and accessible only to client and supplier staff with the necessary permissions.

  • 21st September 2010 – Leading Light welcomes new recruit to the team!!

    All at Leading Light are very please to welcome Rasmus Jorgensen to the studio. Ras has massive experience over the last 13 years working as a professional concept artist in the video games industry, Among his past credits are the entire BURNOUT series from EA Criterion, and 'Black' - the ground breaking FPS title from EA Criterion released in 2006. He has recently left his post as senior concept artist at Codemasters in Guildford to join the team here. "We are really pleased to welcome him to the team, he's an amazing artist who brings fantastic skills, an insightful eye and critical design talents to the table, he will make an excellent addition to the team" Christian.

  • 19th September 2008 – LL-CD launches new website

    Today Leading Light Conceptual Design Ltd launches its new website 2.0

    Getting our new site set-up was long overdue. Now our clients both current and prospective can browse literally hundreds of examples of Leading Lights concept art all categorized by project and service type. Show casing our work here on the site is very important for us, so people can see the quality and range that we can provide. - Christian Bravery, MD, LL-CD.

  • 5th September 2008 – 'Facebreaker' released

    5th September 2008 is the scheduled release date for 'Facebreaker', a new game skew based on the acclaimed 'Fight Night' series from the EA sports studio in Vancouver Canada. Leading Lights founder Christian Bravery, working with EA Art Director Greg Juby, provided the concept art that inspired the way out characters found in the 'Facebreaker'. Featuring classic 'Tex Avery' style comic action and larger than life caricatured characters, 'Facebreaker' represents something of a departure for the 'Fight Night' franchise. Leading Light was on hand to provide creative concept art muscle during pre-production.

    you can view LL-CDs' 'Facebreaker' character design work in the project portfolio section.

    A preview of the 'Facebreaker' characters in action can be seen here - kotaku.com/5038692/facebreaker-characters-revealed-in-video-auditions

  • 15th August 2008 – New deal

    Leading Light secures yet another pre-production contract with SCEE. The title is unannounced and will remain so for the foreseeable future, but let's just say it's going to be very, very cool, and is slated for exclusive release on the PSP.

  • 28th July 2008 – LL-CD in talks with SCEE

    Leading Light have opened talks with SCEE regarding a new, and as yet unannounced game project, a new IP originating in-house at the LL-CD studio and developed in partnership with cult indie game veteran Chris Blackbourn.

  • 26th June 2008 – Leading Light wraps on 'Killzone 2'

    Slated for release in February 2009 the long awaited sequel to 'Killzone', 'Killzone 2' is a graphical tour de force, that promises to raise the bar for both game play and graphical excellence. The Guerrilla team have long been associated with cutting edge visual content. This time out, Leading Light was called in to help maintain and raise that great reputation with assignments in concept art, production illustration, and content design.

    Working with SCEE and Guerrilla on such a high profile project has been a fantastic opportunity for us, and a challenge we have thoroughly relished. The team at Guerrilla are very cool, and such a great group to work with, very professional and focused. - Christian Bravery, MD, LL-CD.

    You can view some of LL-CDs' 'Killzone 2' production illustration work online @ www.killzone.com/kz/

  • 10th April 2008 – New project with SCEE

    Leading Light secures its forth pre-production concept art contract with SCEE. This brand new IP title, is as yet unannounced and will remain so for some time to come.

  • 19th April 2008 – New project with SCEE

    Leading Light secures another pre-production contract with SCEE. The title, the next outing for a long running Sony franchise is as yet unannounced and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

  • 2nd April 2008 – LL-CD welcomes Pete Amachree

    Leading Light welcomes games industry concept art veteran Pete Amachree to the studio.

    Pete is a rare talent, and an old friend and colleague, the potential of what he could bring to LL-CD has been on my mind for some time. He's going to be a great asset to the company going forward. - Christian Bravery, MD, LL-CD.

    Joining Leading Light is a great opportunity for me to ply my trade within a dedicated concept art studio. The chance to work on such a widely varied, and challenging range of assignments, with prestigious clients such as SCEE, Guerrilla and EA was too just good to miss, I anticipate that the LL-CD experience will prove to be hugely rewarding. - Pete Amachree, Senior concept artist, LL-CD.

  • 3rd March 2008 – LL-CD moves to Shepperton Film Studios

    Leading Light today opened for business in their new offices at Shepperton Film Studios, just outside London, England.

    Shepperton studios is the perfect location for us, as everyone knows Shepperton has a long history as a centre for creativity within the British film industry. It's great to be in a place so rich in creative and talented people, but the main reason we are here is as part of our plan to infiltrate the movie industry.

    Leading Light has a great client list in the games sector, some of the biggest players on the world stage including Sony, and EA. These clients, big and small are very important to us.

    Now we want to broaden our horizons, to branch out and bring our skills, creativity and know-how to the film business. We've learned a hell of allot from our years spent working in the games sector and much of that experience is applicable to the film medium. It's our intention to provide world class concept art and production design services to the movie industry at large, here on site at Shepperton Film Studios." - Christian Bravery, MD, LL-CD.

  • 19th November 2007 – LL-CD working with Nilo Rodis

    Film legend Nilo Rodis (Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Trek 2 & 3) has chosen Leading Light to provide pre-production concept art for his new and much anticipated game project with EA Games.

    Working with Nilo is a dream come true. He was one of my concept art idols from back in my school days, so it's awesome to be working with him now. But not only that, Nilo is a one off, his direction is unique, and his insight and depth of understanding of the business of creativity awe inspiring, it's a privilege and an honor to be working with him on this ambitious title. - Christian Bravery, MD, LL-CD.

  • 2nd November 2007 – LL-CD welcomes Matt Allsopp

    Leading Light is pleased to announce that entertainment industry Concept Artist Matt Allsopp will join the studio this month.

    Matt is an amazing new talent, I'm sure he'll be an awesome asset to Leading Light. - Christian Bravery, MD, LL-CD.

    I am excited to be starting the next big chapter of my career with Leading Light. I'm stoked that my first project will be creating concept art for Sony's flagship game 'Killzone 2'. I look forward to being a part of a team who are really raising the bar for visual design in the industry today. - Matt Allsopp - Senior concept artist, LL-CD.

  • 1st October 2007 – LL-CD secures 'Killzone 2' concept art contract

    Leading Light has agreed terms with SCEE and Guerrilla games to provide concept art and production art support on up and coming AAA PS3 Flagship title 'Killzone 2'.

    This is a terrific opportunity for us here at Leading Light. To be brought in by SCEE to contribute to such a prestigious, and important title for Sony and the PS3, underlines Leading Lights growing stature as a concept art and design studio within this industry. - Christian Bravery, MD, LL-CD.


  • 10th September 2007 – New project with SCEE

    Leading Light secures a new contract to provide pre-production concept art for SCEE. The title, a new IP, is as yet unannounced and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

  • 28th April 2007 – LL-CD working with Kuju

    Leading Light founder Christian Bravery has been brought in by Kuju Games to provide character concept art for a new and as yet unannounced console game project.

    Characters are very important, they provide the main touchstone for the player in a game like this, and character design is about so much more than simply the costume design, each character is a life story and a statement in visual form - Christian Bravery, MD, LL-CD


  • 18th February 2007 – Leading Light to concept 'Fight Night' spin-off - 'Facebreaker'

    Leading Light has agree terms on a 5 month exclusive contract to develop character concepts for EA Sports up and coming boxing title Facebreaker. No further details can be disclosed at this time, but the game is slated for a multi platform console release in late 2008.

  • 1st February 2007 – LL-CD and DarkStar Industries

    Leading Light signs up to help fledgling US developer DarkStar concept there new game project. Denver based DarkStar are in talks over a potential partnership with a world famous yet undisclosed rock outfit over a proposed collaborative effort on a new game title. Leading Light have been called in to provide pre-production concept art for the project.

  • 25th October 2006 – Leading Light working with EA Criterion

    Leading Light provides concept art development for Guildford based EA Criterion. The UK based developer responsible for the 'Burn Out' series and the acclaimed console FPS "Black" have brought in Christian Bravery of Leading Light to deliver concept pre-production art for an up and coming sequel title. No further details can be released at this time.

  • 19th October 2006 – LL-CD to work with Stormfront Inc.

    San Raphael California based developer Stormfront Inc. have brought in Christian Bravery of Leading Light Conceptual Design Ltd to provide concept art content for their new project under the working title 'Titan'.

  • 10th October 2006 – LL-CD launch!

    Leading Light officially opened its doors for business today. Founded by ex-Lionhead art director Christian Bravery, Leading Light Conceptual Design is a hi-end concept art and design studio based in the south of England.